Winners of the second design competition!

Winners of the second design competition!
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Time flies and its time to present the winners of the second of the three design competitions. Below you’ll find the winners followed by some honorable mentions. And remember, if you didn’t win this one the last competition will be posted shortly. Anyway, this is what you’ve been competing for:

1st prize:
– One license of Marketcirles Billings Pro* (value ~$193 USD)
– One of Go Medias three Ultimate Vector Collection’s (value ~$170 USD)
– One license of TypeDNA (value $39 USD)

2nd prize:
– Two of Go Medias nineteen Vector Set’s (value ~$70 USD)
– One license of TypeDNA (value $39 USD)

And time to annonce the winners….
The first winner is Marcus Avedis! (who actually was the one who came up with the theme for the competition)

And the runner up is Tom!

Congratulations to you guys! You’ll be contacted shortly!

And here are some honorable mentions:

Andre Cabral:

Eric Vasquez:

Rasmus Stenbergh:

Dario Calonaci:

All submissions will shortly be posted in our Flickr group.

If you didnt win this time either the last of the three competition will be posted shortly!

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  • Mr T

    I hate to be “that guy” but does Marcus really have permission to use that picture of Eva Mendes in his artwork? It’s from a movie poster.

    • ev4n


      #2 is a lot better imo.

      • Mr T


  • Dario Calonaci

    Yay, honorable mentions again!!! Congrats to the winner, really a good piece!

  • Dennis

    Congratulations :)

  • Sarah

    My fave is the ‘Dynamic’ one :)

    What was the theme by the way?

  • Glen

    Great stuff! Congratulations Marcus. I just bookmarked your portfolio. Nice style.

  • Drew

    I agree, Number 2 is a lot better.

  • Sagnik

    Hey gr8 designs. Congrats Marcus !!!

    @Tom nice ;)

  • Eric Vasquez

    Thanks for the honorable mention! I appreciate that

  • Secondary market

    Very beautiful arts gallery show. Kinda surprised to see something very talented creation. I like that exceptional input. Thanks!